Selial has got the goal to follow the principles of its Quality Politics, by the integration of the four unities:

- show the costumers a good reception, offering quality services and products that can satisfy their needs.
- give the costumers fast reply to all enquires and
to be able to obey the deadlines given.
- promote trainings to motivate the employees to better develop their activities and give opportunity
to the success of all in the company.
- adopt simple and efficient work methods that must be constantly developed.
- adopt the behavior to proceed the right way since the first process to eliminate time and material waste, contributing to the cost reduction and rentability increase.
- adopt a preventive behavior to be able to always eliminate problems.
- treat all suppliers as partners, contributing even
for the development of the quality standards
- improve life quality keeping the safety and
cleaning in working place, preserving the environmental and natural sources.

Selial keeps obeying honest, safety and responsibility bases for the employees and costumers.

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